Arts & Entertainment Websites

Arts & Entertainment websites are probably the most complex websites to build, track, and maintain. This is because the arts industry is a constantly moving target and because the industry moves at such blazing speed. The good news is that this is probably our most focused on specialty, coming from a background of working in the arts. It takes more than playing in a “garage band” to understand the needs of this vibrant community. Our founder, Dwight Thompson, was a touring performer for the better part of his life and has special insight into the arts industry, its needs in the online world, and how to leverage the internet to boost your website to the next level.

Websites For Venues

Performing arts venues are a special breed of business. Not only does it take an astonishing amount of communication and connection to keep a venue running, but it also requires a strict integration of software, workflow management and the ability to improvise at a moment’s notice. My Denver Web Design has built and integrated multiple web presences for venues across the nation and developed tools to help them run as efficiently as possible. Add in organic and local SEO, social media integration, beauty-in-design and a deep knowledge of the industry and you’ve got a team that can help take your venue to the next level online.

Websites For Artists

Like the work of an artist, an artist’s website needs to be unique and reflect the image and intent of the artist. This is why we here at My Denver Web Design cringe every time we see an artist choose to go with a free (or cheapo) platform like Bandzoogle, Wix or Squarespace. We all know you get what you pay for. Like a professional musical instrument, a proper website will cost you some money, but the payouts will last and last. Using data analytics, tracking, schema markup and advanced SEO techniques can help raise awareness and increase artist payouts.

Don’t Fall For “Free”

You can build your own website without the help of an experienced developer or designer. Wix, Squarespace, and other free website builders will sell you on the idea that it’s easy to build yourself. They are correct. Is it easy to integrate it yourself? No. Do the free website builders keep up with modern coding and security standards? No… Well, we’ll take that back. WordPress does keep up with modern coding and security standards, but it’s also difficult for a beginner to understand and has such a vast amount of available themes and plugins that it can be hard to know which ones are quality without spending years sifting through them all and reading countless blogs. This is why we are here. We’ve already spent the years learning and gaining experience. We know which plugins will work and have the environments to test new plugins and themes that we are unsure of. We own the developers licenses that would otherwise nickle-and-dime the average website owner to death with monthly or annual fees. Your time is valuable, and although you still have to participate in any website we build for you, most of the hard work is taken off your plate. Don’t fall down the “free” rabbit hole. It’s not worth your time or your sanity.