Nonprofit Websites

Nonprofit websites have a unique (but achievable) goal of reaching a very targeted audience while raising funds and awareness for a goal that is beyond the scope of most website builds. Because of the nature of the budget of most nonprofits, it is important to keep workflow and management at the forefront of the website. Fundraising platforms must be affordable and should take as little percentage of donated money as possible.

What Are The Challenges?

The biggest challenge of creating a nonprofit website is the targeting process.
On a generalized global level, a nonprofit has two distinct targeting goals:

Attracting Donors

Donors can come from all walks of life. Depending on the nature of the nonprofit, people who are likely to donate could come from a range of different backgrounds, wealth profiles and localities. This can make them hard to target unless you have a history of analytics to draw from. Chances are you are here looking for a website developer because you:

  1. Do not have historical analytics.
  2. Have historical analytics but don’t know how to utilize them.
  3. Don’t currently have a website.

Furthermore, the design and layout of a website must be optimized to make donating effortless and comfortable. Branding must be consistent to build what we call “brand trust” with your donors. Beyond that, a social media and physical networking apparatus must be in place to get the word out to potential donors to your cause.

Distributing Services

A nonprofit is only as good as the amount of good it does for the community or cause that it represents. In some cases, a nonprofit may be in place to serve a non-human cause (like saving a forest). In that case, congratulations! You don’t have to worry about attracting trees to your services because trees don’t use computers. But if your nonprofit services a human cause where actual people are in need of your services, you want to be able to attract the community of people who need your services to your website. This lets them know that help is available. This paired with social media and physical networking creates a system that allows your nonprofit to target the most people and do the most good. We’ve all seen good nonprofits folded by the IRS because they were not able to accomplish their stated mission and that’s not what we want for you.

Slim Margins

A nonprofit needs to operate on a slim margin, which means that you need to have a website that takes into account your workflow management. Every organization has a unique set of quirks that make it run efficiently. Your website should be able to fit into your daily workflow and make maintaining it as effortless as possible. At My Denver Web Design we have worked with multiple different industries to create workflow systems that make organizations run smoothly. We know that a well-oiled machine will create the most good and help cut out unnecessary expenses. Between your needs, our expertise, and a desire to live sustainably on our planet, we believe we can be an integral part in helping make your nonprofit hum while exposing your website to the donors that will keep your organization doing good things for years to come.

There’s Always More To It…

If you’re looking for something more than a cookie-cutter website that is customized to your needs, get in touch.