Personal Websites

There are a variety of reasons why you’d want to have a personal website. Maybe you want to keep friends and family updated on the fantastic things that you are doing and don’t want it posted all over social media, where every nutjob can comment on your breakfast cereal choice. Maybe you have a travel blog or a small business or charity that you want to support. Whatever the reason, we can help you make your personal website a reality.

Personal Blogs

WordPress is the perfect CMS for starting a personal blog! That’s what it was originally created to do. Over the years WordPress has become the most used CMS in the world and for a reason. Not only can it handle a blog, but it handles almost every type of website creation that you can imagine. With that in mind, it isn’t as easy to set up initially as some of the proprietary website builders like Squarespace or Wix. But, what you get from it is a long-term savings over those other builders and a more up-to-date website because its code is open source! As developers, we’ll choose open source code over proprietary code any day of the week because that means you have millions of developers all over the world testing your code for weaknesses and helping keep it secure. We can help you get over the hurdles of WordPress and teach you best practices to keep your blog interesting and ranking high in search!

Personal Services

Not every business feels like a “business.” Your website can be something that promotes your hobbies or things that you like to do that also earn you a few bucks on the side. If you live an a neighborhood where there are a lot of dogs and love walking them, why not use a website to promote to your neighbors that you can help? Or perhaps you restore old furniture as a hobby out of your garage… Whatever your passion may be, we’ve got the expertise to help you create something beautiful and lasting while calling attention to your hobby. Who knows, maybe your “hobby” will turn into your business and you can quit the old ball-and-chain job (we are in no way encouraging you to quit your job). Put yourself out there. We can help.

Don’t Fall For “Free”

You can build your own website without the help of an experienced developer or designer. Wix, Squarespace, and other free website builders will sell you on the idea that it’s easy to build yourself. They are correct. Is it easy to integrate it yourself? No. Do the free website builders keep up with modern coding and security standards? No… Well, we’ll take that back. WordPress does keep up with modern coding and security standards, but it’s also difficult for a beginner to understand and has such a vast amount of available themes and plugins that it can be hard to know which ones are quality without spending years sifting through them all and reading countless blogs. This is why we are here. We’ve already spent the years learning and gaining experience. We know which plugins will work and have the environments to test new plugins and themes that we are unsure of. We own the developers licenses that would otherwise nickle-and-dime the average website owner to death with monthly or annual fees. Your time is valuable, and although you still have to participate in any website we build for you, most of the hard work is taken off your plate. Don’t fall down the “free” rabbit hole. It’s not worth your time or your sanity.