Restaurant Websites

Whether you are running a mom & pop operation, a food truck, a venue for luxurious night out or any other type of food service for the public, My Denver Web Design has you covered. There’s more to it than slapping a menu onto a website and calling it “donesies.” You’re running a slim-margin machine and your website should work for you to make your day-to-day flow smoothly while attracting old and new patrons.

The Four Course Website

We’ve got the basics down for building restaurant websites. It’s up to you to let us know how to pepper it just right and add your unique flavor to entice your customers. This isn’t our first rodeo but it might be yours, so let’s get down to the it. Most restaurants will need to have some or all of the following ingredients sprinkled throughout their website:

The Menu

This one’s obvious. You might have paper menus but potential customers can’t see them when they’re looking online for their next food outing. Need a QR code for paperless menus? No problem. We’ve got you covered. If your menu is constantly changing, we’ve got a toolkit of different techniques to fit updating your website menu into your daily workflow.

Online Ordering

There’s a hundred ways to do this. Luckily we’ve seen about ninety-nine of the implemented and been on both ends of those systems. DoorDash? Uber Eats? No problem we can help you implement those systems. We can also set up pickup ordering to if delivery isn’t your thing. A quick consultation with us will get you started on the road to getting your patrons fed.


We’ve got no reservations when it comes to setting up a reservation system (see what we did there?). There’s a million and one ways to do this and like delivery systems, we’ve worked with most all of them. Want to keep it in-house? No problem. Want to charge a reservation fee? We’ve got you. Want to use a third party like OpenTable? Been there done that.

Special Events

We’re no stranger to promoting special events and even better, we’re happy to show you how easy it can be with the right tools. We can help with the design, SEO, Schema Markup, and any few fancy tweaks to your website that you might need. What’s better? We’re happy to show you how to do all of this yourself and keep more of that dough in your pocket!
We know that these are just the basics and chances are you’ve got custom ideas. We’re expecting that.