Small Business Websites

One of the challenges of running a small business is promoting your services while staying within a budget. Small businesses don’t have the luxury of competing with giant multi-national chains when it comes to ads. Luckily, Google rewards small businesses who organically maintain and add content to their websites. You don’t have to have millions of dollars to compete. You just need to know the ropes. That’s where we come in.

Organic SEO

One of the best things any small business can do with their website is to pay close attention their organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) by utilizing proper tags, on-page titles and descriptions, schema markup and other tools. Of course all of this requires deep knowledge of Google’s rules and best practices, which (let’s face it) take years to learn and require you to keep up on any changes that Google makes to its search algorithm. You’ll no-doubt get a million SEO companies emailing you or calling you about how they can help improve your ranking. Don’t bite. Any company or person that claims to have done an SEO audit on your website and contacts you out of the blue is a scammer. They’ll strip you of every red cent you have in your budget and leave you with nothing in return. We specialize in holistic SEO that doesn’t break the bank and follows Google’s mission: “Don’t Be Evil.”

Beautiful Dev & Design

Proper web design is no longer just the work of a graphic designer making beautiful graphics. Well, it never was to be honest. But somewhere out there are millions of beautiful looking websites that don’t function properly. Design & Development should go hand in hand to create a functional and enticing website that increases the profit margin for a small business. A proper designer and developer work together to create micro-interactions, word placement, font choice, contact form layout, sales funnels and workflow integration that makes the client’s online business operate seamlessly and with as little effort as possible. We’ve been contracted by multiple clients to clean up the shoddy work of irresponsible designers and developers and it’s amazing what some people would call a “website.” It’s important to choose a developer/designer that will build a functioning a scaleable framework from the beginning. That’s why you’re here, and that’s what we do. Let us help you grow!

Don’t Fall For “Free”

You can build your own website without the help of an experienced developer or designer. Wix, Squarespace, and other free website builders will sell you on the idea that it’s easy to build yourself. They are correct. Is it easy to integrate it yourself? No. Do the free website builders keep up with modern coding and security standards? No… Well, we’ll take that back. WordPress does keep up with modern coding and security standards, but it’s also difficult for a beginner to understand and has such a vast amount of available themes and plugins that it can be hard to know which ones are quality without spending years sifting through them all and reading countless blogs. This is why we are here. We’ve already spent the years learning and gaining experience. We know which plugins will work and have the environments to test new plugins and themes that we are unsure of. We own the developers licenses that would otherwise nickle-and-dime the average website owner to death with monthly or annual fees. Your time is valuable, and although you still have to participate in any website we build for you, most of the hard work is taken off your plate. Don’t fall down the “free” rabbit hole. It’s not worth your time or your sanity.