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Who's In Charge Here?

Do you manage your social media presence or does social media manage you? The amount of time that most people spend on their social media profiles would shock you with 86% of people using it daily. That's 86% of ALL people. with statistics like these, it's hard not to want to have a presence for you or your brand on social media.

Are you Relevant and Engaging?

If you are asking this question, chances are the answer is "no, no you are not." It's really easy to get tongue tied when it comes to your brand. It's easy to get scared, frustrated, panicky, brain-dead... Wouldn't it just be easier to talk to someone face-to-face about your products? Well, it would be easier, but unfortunately people don't like door-to-door salesmen much anymore. With social media, there are rules to engagement, just like in any other social setting. What's most important is for you to remember that it's supposed to be "social". It's not a place for you to spout off about yourself over and over again. We know how often we all just "love" speaking to the narcissist of the party. Don't be that person. Be engaging and thoughtful! Sometimes this can be hard considering we are usually trying to sell something in some way or another. We here at My Denver Web Design offer training on this kind of thing and, if the mood strikes you, we can even do your social media marketing for you.

Buy! Buy! Buy!

It's incredibly easy to get caught up in the feeling that you should advertise on social media. Every day it seems like Facebook is telling you that other users have boosted posts similar to yours and are seeing amazing results. But how are they boosting those posts? That is the real question you should be asking. We see people throwing good money after bad on a daily basis, boosting posts and buying ads that don't seem to have any relevant purpose. It's hard to tell exactly who your target customer is if you don't have the technical expertise to use Google Analytics or a Facebook Pixel. Are you targeting the right people? We can help you make that determination or even train you or your staff to understand all of the unique consequences of those decisions.

Did You Notice?

Did you notice that there seems to be a lot of talk about targeting and engaging customers and being relevant while also not being a narcissist? We see this over and over again in clients who come to us for help. We want to help you. We believe that a rising tide lifts all boats and that there is room for us all if we do the right thing. Give us a call. A shout out if you will. Perhaps a wink. A nudge? Say No More! No pokes though (that's so 2008).

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