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We take a holistic approach to the way we design and develop websites. The function of your website, its target users, your social media, SEO and authority on the web are all important factors we take into consideration when we create or update a website. Ignoring any factor of your online presence and how it interacts with your website is a mistake that we see with a lot of our clients who tried to either build their own website or hired someone’s friend’s neighbor’s cousin or a “bargain-basement” designer.

We Build Websites That Work For You

It seems obvious that anything you sink money into should provide value and work for you, not against you. Every day you hear that a business without an online presence is doomed to fail. We believe that is true whether you are in Oklahoma City, OK or anywhere else in the world. But merely having an online presence doesn’t guarantee your ability to succeed. Brand trust, relevance and proper organic SEO can help thrust you ahead of your competitors when paired with proper integration and a well thought out marketing plan. We create websites that take your entire web presence into account and make them work for you and fit into or enhance your daily workflow.

What Are You Selling?

Whether you’re willing to admit it or not, you’re selling something on your website. Whether it is t-shirts, real estate, music, paintings, ideas, or information; you are selling a product. In one sense, you are selling your website to search engines, by convincing them that your content is relevant and authoritative. For many of you, you are selling products to consumers. Restaurants in Oklahoma City, OK are selling the quality of their menu and their location. Artists are selling their talents, tickets, music, videos, and ability to fill a venue with fans. Churches are selling their faith and sense of community. The list goes on and on. The sooner you realize that your website is there to sell, the sooner you can turn your website into a tangible, useful tool that you can use to create a compelling and relevant web presence.

Don’t Fall For “Free”

You can build your own website without the help of an experienced developer or designer. Wix, Squarespace, and other free website builders will sell you on the idea that it’s easy to build yourself. They are correct. Is it easy to integrate it yourself? No. Do the free website builders keep up with modern coding and security standards? No… Well, we’ll take that back. WordPress does keep up with modern coding and security standards, but it’s also difficult for a beginner to understand and has such a vast amount of available themes and plugins that it can be hard to know which ones are quality without spending years sifting through them all and reading countless blogs. This is why we are here to help you in Oklahoma City, OK. We’ve already spent the years learning and gaining experience. We know which plugins will work and have the environments to test new plugins and themes that we are unsure of. We own the developers licenses that would otherwise nickle-and-dime the average website owner to death with monthly or annual fees. Your time is valuable, and although you still have to participate in any website we build for you, most of the hard work is taken off your plate. Don’t fall down the “free” rabbit hole. It’s not worth your time or your sanity.

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