Workflow Integration

Your website is an important part of promoting what you do to your customers and potential clients. It should also be something that works FOR you and improves your workflow. There’s no point in having a website when all of the profit from it is spent on extra work handling client requests, accounting and other tasks that could be automated. Over the years we’ve been tasked by multiple clients to make their websites more workflow-friendly. Integrating workflow is an import part of what we do and is a big part of how we develop websites for our clients.

Contact Forms

Contact forms seem simple right? Someone navigates to your website, is interested in your services and submits a form which is then emailed to you and your team. Seems cut and dry. What if we told you that your forms could conditionally lead your website users to information that could cut down on the amount of questions that you have to field? Or filter submissions by a client avatar created by you? We can automate your website to send submitted forms to a particular team member based on selections chosen by the user. In other words, we can make your website perform many of the communication tasks in the past would have added hours of extra work to your day.

Google Sheets Integrations

There’s nothing more annoying than having to sort information from 50 different sources and format it to do your accounting every quarter or year. With Google Sheets integration, we can automate sales or form submissions into a spreadsheet that you can conditionally share with your team depending on their level of need. From that integration it is possible to grab data from rows and columns and automate reports that will keep you informed in real time on how your sales funnels, lead generation and product sales are doing. Would you like to free up your team’s workflow to work on more important projects? Let us help.

Your Time Is Valuable!

We all know that time equals money. Why then, would anyone ever allow their website to demand more time of them than is absolutely necessary? As much money as your website generates for your business, there are always ways to help it work smarter so you don’t have to work harder. We’re in the business of making your life easier when it comes to your website. One of the advantages of working across multiple industries is that we learn lessons that help your business operate smoother and at lower overhead. Beyond that, we always have our ears to the ground when it comes to new technology. So if we find a way to save you more time processing online tasks, we’ll let you know and integrate it for you.